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At Complete Build Solutions Ltd, we can offer a range of roofing services.

Whether you simply need some repairs or maintenance carried out on your existing roof, or your need an entire new roof, we have the skills and experience to help.
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We are very experienced in working with a range of different kinds of roofing, including slate, tiles, felt roofing, fibre glass roofing, leadworks, liquid plastic roofing, pitched roofing, polycarbonate roofing and thatching.

Pitch Roofing

Pitch roofs are a very popular option, particularly on older buildings, as a slate roof can help preserve the character and heritage of your home. At Complete Build Solutions Ltd, we can supply both new and re-claimed slate. We also lay slate roofs, provide all types of lead works, and will ensure your roof is weather-tight.

We also undertake both warm and cold roofing (this is different specifications on your roofs insulation).

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs often need maintenance, as the water doesn’t run off them in the same way as it does from a pitched roof. We are very experienced in working with a range of flat roofing systems, and can both maintain and repair your existing flat roof, as well as installing new ones.

We use a variety of flat roof systems, including all high-performance built up felts, wet laid GRP fibreglass and single-ply membranes. We can advise you on the best system and maintenance programme for your flat roof, meaning it will have a long, effective life.

Lead Works

Chimney flashings, cover flashings, chimney trays, stepped gulleys, valleys and flat roofs. Ornamental lead work is also available.

We work with the finishing touches, ensuring that you have a roof that not only looks great but will stand up to the elements.

Lead roofs can last over one hundred years and look stunning, outlasting many other roofing materials. No job is too small, we are happy to undertake small repairs, major restoration works or fit a complete new roof.

Guttering and fascias

From fascia to soffit, guttering to downspouts, at Complete Build Solutions Ltd we can supply and install the right kind of guttering and fascias for your home or commercial premises. We work with all UPVC plastics, aluminium guttering, cast-iron guttering and industrial box gutters.

As well as fitting anything from one gutter joint to a full renewal of your guttering and downpipe system, we can also carry out that all-essential repair and maintenance.

Dormer & Roof windows

Dormer and roof windows are a very popular choice for anyone carrying out a loft conversion. We can advise you on the best kinds of windows for your loft conversion and fit them. If you’re having problems with existing dormer or roof windows, for example through a leak, we can repair or replace as appropriate.

We will always advise you on the costs and benefits of any solution, and the alternatives, so you can make an informed decision about whether to repair or replace.


Whether you need a new chimney, or your existing chimney needs to be repaired or repointed, Complete Build Solutions Ltd can help.

We will ensure your chimney looks great and also functions safely and effectively.

Industrial roofing

At Complete Build Solutions Ltd, we have significant expertise and experience with industrial roofing, sheeting and cladding. We can manage, maintain and re-roof your existing industrial roof or install a brand new one. We can work with a range of industrial systems, including composite panels, cement fibre sheets and built up systems.